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We are a team of organisers, consultants, strategic planners, account managers, graphic designers, and digital experts who pool their visions to find creative and innovative solutions to our client’s questions…and even for the questions that haven’t been yet asked.

We reinvent ways of speaking to audiences that have changed. We can offer you efficient and creative solutions, be it in strategic communications, conferences, brand marketing & activation, conferences or for your presence at a fair.

We are trend watchers, challenge lovers and creative professionals with great dedication and flexibility.


Meet the team!

  • Valerie Obbiet

    Valerie Obbiet

    Exhibitions Sales Executive

  • Ádrian Pérez

    Ádrian Pérez

    Administrative Assistant

  • Silvia Vasquez

    Silvia Vasquez

    Account Manager

  • Florent Godin

    Florent Godin


  • Julie Weisenburger

    Julie Weisenburger

    Managing director

  • Ines Moreno Cortes

    Ines Moreno Cortes

    Head of Conceptum Spain, Partner

  • Jessica Rebelo

    Jessica Rebelo

    Head of Exhibitions

  • Aurélie Dalle

    Aurélie Dalle

    Community Manager

  • Caroline Daneels

    Caroline Daneels

    Account Manager

  • DSC07713

    Amandine de Dorlodot

    Account Executive

  • Xavier

    Xavier Dierckx

    Project Manager

  • Marie

    Marie Evrard

    Graphic Designer

  • Christelle Fiore

    Christelle Fiore

    Exhibitions Sales Manager

  • Elise Goffin

    Elise Goffin

    Exhibitions Sales Manager

  • Sara

    Sara Graupera

    Community Manager

  • Karolien Huylebroek

    Karolien Huylebroek

    Project Manager

  • Christel-Lalague

    Christel Lalagüe

    Commercial & Administrative Assistant

  • Catherine de Laminne

    Catherine de Laminne

    Exhibitions Sales Executive

  • Maud Leroy

    Maud Leroy

    Operation Coordinator

  • Helene

    Hélène Noterman

    Head of Fairs Communication

  • Ana de Oteyza

    Ana de Oteyza

    Head of Fairs Communication & Development

  • Edgard-Rueda

    Edgard Rueda

    Exhibition Sales

  • Diego Russo

    Diego Russo

    Logistic Coordinator

  • Paula Rodríguez

    Paula Rodríguez

    Head of Exhibitions

  • Toñi Molina

    Toñi Molina

    Accountant & Administration Coordinator

  • Ádrian Pérez

    Ádrian Pérez

    Administrative Assistant

  • Silvia Vasquez

    Silvia Vasquez

    Account Manager


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